The History

Legacy Park Station, located in a predominately African American neighborhood, is slowly but deliberately being gentrified.  History that it is, the Cottage Street Block Club chose the Legacy Park Station project to exemplify and accurately record the history, the legacy  of the neighborhood, the families and their roots.

Prominent residents of the neighborhood include:

  • Dr. Charles T. Lunsford, who was forced from Clarissa Street to relocate on South Plymouth Ave. under the disguise of Urban Renewal or more aptly known as People Removal.
  • Dr. Anthony Jordan, who early in his career was denied the opportunity of home ownership because of the color of his skin.  Eventually, Dr. Jordan purchased a home on South Plymouth Ave., but again a struggle for the right of human dignity ensued.
  • Millard E. Latimer Sr., who founded Latimer & Son Funeral Home, the oldest African American owned business in the City of Rochester.  Through the pain and grief of death, the Latimer Family have bequeathed a lasting legacy for their family and the greater community of Rochester, remaining strong in the struggle.

African American individuals and family in the Southwest Quadrant will be recognized in the history kiosks situated in the front portion of Legacy Park Station.  An interactive app will store the historical information.  However, we need everyone to help us gather the information.  If you know of someone who should be remembered, please complete the following information and submit.  Someone from the Legacy Park Station Scribe Committee will contact you.