The Plan

Street view of Legacy Park Station

This is an architect’s drawing of what the park will look like. The Legacy Star sculpture arcing high into the sky of three stars in the Liberation colors of red, black and green represents the North Star. South Plymouth Ave. and Cottage Street were part of the underground railroad passage for runaway slaves following the North Star to freedom. The North Star was symbolic of the trust and spirit of freedom that was the destination of the runaway slaves in our country, perhaps no more than four generations ago.

The park contains six benches to provide restful seating for neighbors. The shelter will provide a space even on rainy days. There are two picnic tables so that neighbors can share meals or play cards or chess in comfort, and the tables will have handicapped accessible spots for those arriving by wheelchair. There are several kiosks which will provide information about the legacy of residents of this neighborhood and the heritage they leave to us.  There will be an app for smartphones which will provide access to a growing archive of historical documentation.

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